THE UNIQUE WOMAN FELLOWSHIP was founded in 1992 by Mrs Omowumi Popoola in collaboration with other women within the word communication ministries.

Every person has been created uniquely with different gifts and there is nobody who doesn’t have something. As a woman, no matter your background, your situation or what you have been through, you have something that has been divinely put there which I call your divine configuration, equipment which God put you in when he was creating you.

You were sent into the world with a particular assignment that no one else is equipped to do like you. Unfortunately, because of all the things we face in life, many women lose sight of this divine configuration and invariably fail to connect with their life assignment and purpose.
The bottom line of the Unique Woman Fellowship International is to bring women together, teach them to look inward to discover their unique gifts, teach them to develop and deploy these gifts to make a difference and maximise their potentials. Until every woman rises up to that challenge, we will not have a complete society. Many women like the petty trader on the roadside feels, ‘well, let me just keep selling something to make ends meet’. There is no sense of purpose that says ‘I have something to contribute to the society and without my contribution, the society wont complete’.

In the past 21 years, the Fellowship has reached out to thousands of women both in Nigeria and other countries in Africa and Europe through inspiring and spirit-filled messages, seminars, workshops and various empowerment programmes.
The response has been huge! We have seen people come from the depths of hopelessness to a state where they can stand tall and fulfill their purposes in life. Over the years we have had loads of testimonies. Last year we had more than three thousand people and this year we are looking forward to hosting many more.

Though the Unique Woman Conference is one day programme, it is fully loaded. The main teaching sessions come up from morning to afternoon within which participants are served lunch. The well Woman Health Workshop, specialized seminars and impartation, anointing sessions follow. Babies, toddlers, children and teenage girls are not left out, as well articulated programme sessions are planned for their blessing.


The Unique Woman Conference in the next ten years

I see not just a one day conference but a situation where women can network throughout the year in various fields and activities of human endeavour, professional women and those in business mentoring younger ones coming into business and other fields. This way, women who have been helped will be able to help other too. By then, the Conference would have grown to be able to accommodate many more women from within and outside the country.
The Conference has not been without its own challenges, the greatest of which is been able to meet the needs. Planning an event like this takes a lot of work and time, but I am excited to see the changes in people and the testimonies that keep coming in.